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Dior Skeleton Bride, the current fashion for the Western

Dior Skeleton Bride, the current fashion for the Western

Dior Skeleton Bride, the current fashion for the Western

Posted: 09 Sep 2011 03:40 PM PDT

Dior has always scared me with the design of eccentric and wonderful. The novelty is over I am introducing specified by the vision startle skeletal, but very impressive and unique. The genius, the project for Dior, Victoire de Castellane, launched the unusual skeletal rings. The unprecedented design makes it capable enough to deal with the rings formed by high-tech competition.

As the first senior jewelry designer of Dior, it comes from Victoire de CastellaneComte family in Provence, France. Because of their special light up, their design, offers a taste of romantic mood. The skeleton wedding rings are so unique that if the project has just been completed, shall be strictly maintained by the Western fashion, no discussion of the entity. The series is divided into the King and Queen Wedding with crowns on their heads. Each piece is made of precious stones such as opal, quartz, obsidian, and so on. They are carved in the skeleton, dignifiedand mysterious.

The design skeleton is subject to errors Unluckiness bring. In fact, this type of skeleton dazzling crown has a deeper meaning. Instead of symbolizing death, reminded the young people at any moment their precious time in life. Sine time flies away from us, should lose the time to care, but they appreciate each other and to ensure eternal love. From this perspective, Victoire de Castellane pay attention to much of the creative process. Dior veryEnthusiasts to explain that, wedding rings when someone fails with this type of skeleton, it is all her love to make the suitors.

Facts About Azurite And Azeztulite Crystals

Posted: 08 Sep 2011 02:01 PM PDT

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Gemstones and crystals are not just pretty pieces of rock. She has some nice properties is specified. They are very popular within the circles of metaphysical and newage.

This article talks of two crystals, which begin with the letters A and azurite are Azeztulite respectively.

Azurite is a precious stone or crystal that is often sold. It can be comes in colors from blue to a rather intense deep blue clay. This crystal is probably associatedNeck and chakras forehead. What are chakras? They are commonly described as energy centers of the body.

Within the culture of the Native American Indians, azurite considered sacred. In the Mayan civilization, is used to enhance mental capabilities.

There are people who argue that this crystal can be used as a channel to receive a higher consciousness. This crystal is said to radiate a calming effect on the mind excited. It 'is often used as a meditativeHelp.

That's all for azurite.

Now let's talk Azeztulite. This must be a pretty rare gem shine.

Azeztulite is a colorless crystal, which is supposed to be a powerful vibration. This crystal is usually associated with the crown chakra.

Azeztulite should be able to assist in clairvoyance. Ot has survived as a tool of divination and watch the past and future have been used. This crystal also has to do with inflammatory diseases has been used.

Well, that's it forThis article on crystals of azurite and Azeztulite. Thanks for reading.

Gold Calculator – Is the Price Worth the Weight?

Posted: 07 Sep 2011 01:41 PM PDT

A gold-computer has an important role to help you, the carat of gold. Your gold is that the weight engraved on its surface, which can only be read with a magnifying glass. Jewelers often weigh in grams using a computer. This calculator only works with products made of solid gold, like jewelry, dental fillings and coins. But discovering the value of gold with this computer is almost impossible. Remember, this calculator is for fixed objects of goldsuch as coins, jewelry or gold dental fillings. Note, however, that items are not plated with this machine due to the fact that the job duties based on the weight of objects and items of gold, the weight of the non-gold makes sections of the question is not only to the buyer or the seller. This calculator allows the exact weight of your products in solid gold ounces.In to it, in grams, is then divided by converting 311.The purity of gold is then discoveredout by diving the known gold carat value by 24.

Many intend to sell off their gold scraps. The calculator proves beneficial and helps you get the exact value of your gold. The price of this valuable resource has been sky touching since the year 2002.So you can get the best price for your gold only if you know its actual weight. The term carat is actually a scale that reveals the how pure is your metal. The higher the value, the more pure is your gold item. Usually the value goes on as, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24.If it is solid gold, which will be more than 10, then bring to weigh a good value for them in the market.

Watch Brand Review: What is the best brand of watches?

Posted: 05 Sep 2011 12:20 PM PDT

Why are you 'Citizen', 'Pierre Cardin' or 'Casio'?

Two clocks, the same characteristics, but it is possible, then, for 20 years of hard work, while the other starts to make strange noises when you actually do with your hands. The brand of the watch can also say more or less important – if the design is modern, how long it will take a general range of prices, and more. Today we have to do some of the most popularLook at the brands, and discover what they are known for.

Armani: Armani watches are very distinct, unique style, usually with Roman numerals, leather straps and a classic squared-off oval face. Fall into a very narrow price range, and never goes out of fashion.

Casio: Casio makes functional, very simple, but very trendy watches. Here you will find the prices for Casio watches online at AU $ 60, but are notOnly a low-end watch – Casio watch and swim fashion watches are of good quality and very affordable. Casio watches are equipped with a 2-year warranty.

Citizen: Citizen go for classic designs in their watches online, as well as high functionality. A great advantage of the brand is its Eco-Drive technology – high-efficiency solar panels that are charged by either natural or artificial light, and has been active for many months (even in the dark), once in fullcalculated. This does not change the batteries look! Citizen watches are usually overloaded with functions, but very cheap.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana are also known as D & G, and are centered rather than a fashion brand watches feature fire. You will find that their styles are constantly updated, and the reason for the brand signature is the use of the letters D & GD & G watches are high-end prices.

DKNY: DKNY watches are fashion itemBrand new, even if the style comes from different designers, so the collection is much more variation in style in some fashion brands. DKNY watches must be worn in order for clothing (no resistance), and you have to consider whether the model is sold with a warranty.

Fossil: The popular fashion brand watches is unusual, eclectic and very earthy. For a fashion label, is also very convenient. Fossil watches usually come with a 2-yearWarranty, and will develop a series of watches for the activities and sports clothing, with waterproof find anywhere from 0 m to 200 m. The brand is technically quite simple … ideal if you do not want to get an engineering degree to use your PC now!

Jag: Another fashion label focused you will find a lot of variability in style Jaguar. These watches usually slightly longer with a warranty of 3 years.

Lorus: Lorus watches arelower end of price range, and have a simple design and classic feature set. Many also came with a guarantee of 2 years, so that, despite the extremely low prices, there is no reason to worry about quality when you buy online Lorus watches.

Pierre Cardin: A well-known fashion designer watches designed for wear, but with a pleasant surprise for the price tag!

Old Jewelry Sale – Sell your old gold for cash

Posted: 02 Sep 2011 09:20 AM PDT

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If you are thinking about selling old jewelry, there is a very important point that you should think about. Gold has never been worth more than it is right now, so if you have been hesitating to sell your old jewelry, you might need to reconsider.

Your old jewelry is very valuable.

If you have some old gold jewelry just lying around collecting dust, chances are is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But I am sure that you don’t have any idea of how much your old gold is worth. Gold right now is valued at about 35 dollars a gram. I know that you are thinking that gold is measured in troy ounces, but typically the easiest way to value gold is by the gram.

Where can you sell your gold jewelry?

There are many places to get a little extra cash when selling old jewelry. If you have some very nice costume jewelry, you might think about listing it on an auction website. But if you have jewelry that is made of gold, there are a few other Choices you have. If you are unsure if your jewelry is real gold, just look for the karat stamp. You should have a 10K, 14K or 18K stamp somewhere.

Local Jewellers usually offer a service that allows you to sell your old gold jewelry. You weigh your gold, check its purity and to bid. Not only offers what you expect to get for your antique jewelry. Do not worry, others have a different option.